Not into flowers? No problem. Win their heart through their tummy with a Snack Bouquet! This massive and irresistibly yummy gift is perfect for any occasion, especially if the receiver is a snack lover.

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE SUBSTITUTED of similar quality, appearance and/or colours. Photos used are purely for a reference of the vibe and colour palette and are NOT indicative of the final product.

*Wrapping paper colour might different.
Contact us if have special  request

不喜欢花吗? 没问题。 用零食花束赢得他们的心! 这份份量巨大且令人难以抗拒的美味礼物适合任何场合,尤其是如果接收者是零食爱好者的话。

花是季节性的。 因此,花的类型可以用类似质量、外观和/或颜色的代替。 使用的照片纯粹作为氛围和调色板的参考,并不代表最终产品。


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