Looking for a luxurious gift beyond traditional flower bouquets? Money flower bouquets or Cash bouquets might be the perfect gift for your special occasion. Since gaining popularity on social media , banknote bouquets have been a gift of choice both for ladies and gentlemen alike. Whether you’re sending cash bouquets to a partner, or your parents, they are “almost” sure to keep it.

*Wrapping paper colour might different.
Contact us if have special  request

正在寻找传统花束之外的奢华礼物? 金钱花束或现金花束可能是您特殊场合的完美礼物。 自从在社交媒体上流行以来,纸币花束已成为女士和男士的首选礼物。 无论您是向伴侣还是您的父母发送现金花束,他们“几乎”肯定会保留它。


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