What is a sympathy bouquet?
A sympathy bouquet is a bunch of blooms that’s addressed and sent directly to a loved one of the deceased. They are typically small floral arrangements that can be used as a centerpiece in the family’s home. It’s worth remembering that they are not the same as funeral flowers as the latter pay respect to the deceased themselves.

What flowers to send for condolences?
When finding an appropriate type of sympathy flowers, there are a few to choose from – carnations, white chrysanthemums, lilies, and roses. These blooms symbolise grief, remembrance and memories – you can offer the deceased’s family comfort by letting them know that their loved one will not be forgotten.

*Wrapping paper colour might different.
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同情花束是一束鲜花,直接寄给死者的亲人。 它们通常是小型插花,可用作家中的中心装饰品。 值得记住的是,它们与葬礼花不同,后者是对死者的敬意。

当找到合适的慰问花时,有几种可供选择——康乃馨、白菊花、百合和玫瑰。 这些花朵象征着悲伤、纪念和回忆——您可以让死者的家人知道他们不会忘记他们所爱的人,以此来安慰他们。


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